Social Responsibility & SA 8000 certification

Pactics Team Social GatheringWe believe that caring for and investing in people is the best way to serve our partners and create great products. Accordingly, the welfare and development of our team is at the core of everything we do. The countries in which we manufacture our products are known for poor working conditions, but we pride ourselves on setting a positive example and demonstrating a viable alternative. We are proud to have the SA8000 certification as of September 2015.

Pactics Social Responsibility


We ensure that all of our team members work reasonable hours and are compensated fairly. This eliminates the need to complete excessive overtime to supplement poor wages, and allows our team more personal time to spend with their families.

Pactics Socially Responsible Working Environment


We offer a full package of benefits to all of our team members, ranging from support for further education and medical expenses, through to subsidies for motorbike helmets and healthy lunches. Our team also benefit from comprehensive health and accident insurance.

Working environment

Natural Light adds to the Workplace PacticsIt is important that our team is safe and comfortable while they are working. We provide full health and safety training, and ensure our sites meet rigorous health and safety standards. Our Cambodian factory was designed to provide a pleasant, people-and-planet-friendly working environment, and built in Siem Reap to allow workers to stay with their families rather than leaving home for the factories of Phnom Penh.

Pactics 2012 Corporate Social ResponsibilityFor more information on our socially responsible way of working, please take a look at our latest CSR magazine.

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