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Product Development at Pactics

The Product Development Process Creating a new product can be a lengthy and complex journey, beginning with rough sketches and ending with a complete, high-quality, physical product. There are often many changes along the way, all of which are necessary to ensure the final product is functional, aesthetically pleasing, and meets our partners’ needs. To […]

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Digital Transfer Sublimation

At Pactics, we pride ourselves on being on the cutting edge. We know that by understanding new technologies and investing in research we can provide our partners with the highest quality and most creative microfiber products available. It is for these reasons that digital transfer sublimation is one of our core printing techniques. The Printing […]

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The Science Behind Microfiber

At Pactics we work primarily with microfiber, a high-quality fabric that offers the highest standards in both efficiency and customisability. We have dedicated a great deal of time to understanding the potential of this innovative fabric, and so wanted to share with you a little of the science behind microfiber’s magic.