About Us

Our Story

In 2004 we established Pactics with a simple vision: “to create a decent company that offers competitively priced, high-quality products in an environmentally and socially responsible way.” Knowing that in-house production would give us greater control of product quality and supply chain management, we began by establishing a small 15-person factory in Shanghai, China, which expanded to 65 employees by 2009. Spurred on by our founding ambitions, in 2010 we scoped out and set up a pilot plant with a small team in Siem Reap, Cambodia.  

Our business principles

Pactics was built around a solid set of business principles. Commitment to these principles informs every aspect of our work and is the key to making Pactics the company it is today.


We prioritize the social and environmental impacts of what we do because the needs of our planet and our people – partners, consumers, and staff – are important to us.

supply chain management

Because brand integrity is vital and scrupulous supply chain management is crucial to protecting that, we prioritize best practice at every phase of the supply chain.


The best results come out of active collaboration. As a responsive and versatile partner, we build strong relationships that allow us to create valued products.


We stay at the cutting-edge of our industry so that our partners can do the same in theirs. It’s why we exist. By investing in knowledge, we are able to offer our partners creative solutions that meet practical needs and further their brand’s identity. For example, we maintain a strong core focus on upcycled and re-usable materials as we believe this is an exciting way forward.

Corporate social responsibility is not an afterthought;
it is in our very DNA.