our story

In 2004 we established Pactics with a simple yet strong vision: “to create a decent company that offers competitively priced, high-quality products in an environmentally and socially responsible way.” Knowing that in-house production would give us greater control of product quality and supply chain management, we began by establishing a small 15-person factory in Shanghai, China, which by 2009 had expanded to 65 employees. Spurred on by our founding ambitions, in 2010 we then scoped out and set up a pilot plant with a small team in Siem Reap, Cambodia.

Not only did operating in Cambodia allow us to provide above-minimum-wage jobs to an economically disadvantaged community, it also gave us the opportunity to build our own cutting-edge, sustainable work space that meets the needs of both our people and our planet. In March 2014, we opened the doors to our full-service factory in Siem Reap that is specifically designed to maximize production in a healthy, environmentally friendly space that also offers a wide range of services for our employees. Today, our Siem Reap plant employs 650 full-time Cambodian staff.

The Siem Reap factory also houses Pactics’ product development center. In this center we continue to develop ground-breaking technologies and production techniques that allow us to offer exceptional quality product solutions to our partners. Today we are leaders in sustainable materials and procurement best practices, all while partnering with the world’s leading lifestyle brands. In a nutshell? We do business in a way that works for everyone.

We do business in a way that works for everyone