Ambassador of the European Union to Cambodia Visits Pactics


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Pactics Cambodia was proud to welcome a visit yesterday from H.E. Jean-François Cautain, Ambassador of the European Union to Cambodia. Explaining the reason for his visit, Ambassador Cautain said he had heard about Pactics’ commitment to corporate social responsibility, and wanted to see the facility for himself.

It’s important for me to see European companies who promote these kind of values, because it is what I think businesses from the European Union can bring to Cambodia. Not only money, but also values, which is to have people working in a socially and environmentally-friendly place,” said Cautain.

During an introduction the company by Boris Ploum, General Manager of Pactics Cambodia, the group spoke candidly about the Pactics’ commitment to conducting business in a socially and environmentally responsible way, its expanding operations, as well as the challenges it faced in Cambodia.

Cautain was also introduced to the Pactics Foundation, a new initiative that strives to enhance the opportunities for the local population to secure sustainable livelihoods in a responsible working environment.


Following the introductory briefing, Cautain was brought on a tour of the entire facility to view the production process firsthand. He was also shown various aspects of the factory’s pioneering design, from the well-ventilated workspaces which maximizes natural light, to its in-house water filtration system and its library and crèche provided for employees.

Elaborating on the European Union’s interest in corporate social responsibility, Cautain said, “The fact that many of our entrepreneurs and businessmen are putting their investments outside of the EU, we want to make sure what they are investing in is done in a socially responsible way. We also do believe it will have an exemplary action with other investors. In the sense that the workers, instead of only going for higher pay, will also go to places which are better to work.”

I was very impressed with what I saw today, and I hope to come back.


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