Better Together – Pactics CSR Report

Pactics CSR Magazine 2 Cover

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We’re pleased to share with you the release of Pactics’ second Corporate Social Responsibility Report. In addition to outlining the company’s recent accomplishments and future expansion goals, ‘Better Together‘ also offers an insight to how Pactics manages to prioritize corporate social responsibility (CSR) across a wide range of aspects throughout its operations, all without compromising the company’s bottom line.

From the implementation of the SA8000 international standard for social compliance as an investment for our future, to our extensive employee education program, and strong CSR policy in production and sourcing, the report offers a better understanding to how Pactics recognizes the crucial role sustainability policies play in the creation of a better, high-quality product for its clients.

‘Better Together’ also lays out the on-going evolution of the company, such as the addition of a second production plant in Siem Reap in March 2014, complementing its facility in Shanghai, which in turn will continue moving into becoming an innovative center of excellence and expertise. In addition, new materials are being explored and Pactics has connected with universities in the Netherlands to work together on product and material development, allowing our clients to benefit from the latest industry developments and creative solutions.

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