Healthy Lunches for Happy Workers


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Here at Pactics, we are proud to provide healthy subsidized lunches to all of our employees. Everyday at midday, hundreds of our employees make their way to our Siem Reap’s factory large outdoor, shaded canteen. For just 2,000 riel (0.50 USD or 0.40 EUR), they get a three course meal that is designed to include as many nutrients and food categories as possible.[twocol_one]

Three Complementary Courses

To ensure variety and to avoid repetition, the menu served changes every day on a two-week rotating schedule. The first course is typically a type of popular Khmer soup, ranging from tom yam chicken soup and sour fish soup, to mixed vegetables or pork soup. The second course is made to complement the first course. For example, we follow beef soup with fried eggs and vegetables, and we pair chicken sour soup with fried vegetables and pork. Of course, all meals are accompanied with rice and the workers get to choose between white and brown. For dessert, we usually offer fresh fruit such as mangoes, dragonfruits, pineapples, and watermelon, but sometimes we include the popular Khmer dessert, cha houy tuek, which consists of sweet jelly, condensed coconut milk, sago, beans, and fruits such as bananas.

Noted Popularity

An estimated 80% of our workers choose our provided lunches, including our president and managers. When asked, the employees who brought their own food instead said it was because they have leftovers from cooking for their family at home which they did not want to waste. However, if they saw a meal posted on the schedule that they particularly enjoy, they would purposely not bring food in that day.



Seeking Out Suggestions

The part of our healthy lunches which keeps things exciting for our employees is the suggestion box. On the wall of the canteen, strategically placed where our workers line up to receive their meals, is a small blue box with the words “Lunch Suggestion Box” (in both English and Khmer), accompanied by a clipboard, a pen, and many sheets of blank paper. Employees are invited and encouraged to use the box to suggest their favorite meals anonymously, or even provide feedback and criticisms on existing meals. Once a month, our chefs cook the lunch which has been requested the most. Fortunately, their requests – such as last month’s fried rice – are feasible and happily supplied. [/twocol_one_last][divider]

Common Business Sense

Taking care of our employees’ nutrition needs by providing wholesome and affordable meals is just one of the many facets of our company which contributes to our focused and productive workforce. Happiness and health – two great results which makes for perfectly common business sense.

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