Meeting with Deputy Governor of Siem Reap

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Owner and founder of Pactics, Mr. Piet Holten, met with H.E. Mr. Mao Vuthy, Deputy Governor of Siem Reap Province to discuss the progress of the new facility plans of Pactics in Siem Reap, Cambodia.


Siem Reap is famous for the Angkor temple complex, protected by UNESCO as a world-heritage site.

Pactics is planning to build a sustainable facility in Siem Reap that will focus on using natural sources such as (sun) light, (rain) water, (wind) air to minimize its effects on the environment. In the planning process we will cooperate with some of the NGO’s present in Siem Reap to benefit from their local knowledge. According to Mr. Holten, the current facility will not support Pactics plans for growth and its goal to work in a more sustainable way, so therefore these new plans were developed. We will keep you updated throughout the process of creating this new facility.

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