Pactics CSR report and magazine 2012

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magazine_frontPactics presents its first CSR report in a beautiful company magazine.

Our approach to business also means we take responsibility of where and how our products are produced. We offer proper wages and benefits in a safe and healthy working environment for our employees. We save energy where possible and ensure a proper disposal of waste. Beyond our own company boundaries, we have a supply chain policy in place, actively selecting suppliers and working with them on responsible production.

Being located in China allows us to offer the best price and quality to our customers. To ensure this in the long term we have recently started activities in Cambodia, which offers us new options to even better serve some of our customers. Whether producing in China or Cambodia we remain loyal to our standards of decent production.

To keep ourselves up to date and to align our efforts with policies and objectives of our customers and stakeholders, we have formalized our standards in a comprehensive corporate social responsibility (CSR) policy.

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