New Recruits as Siem Reap Production Expands

New Applicants at Pactics Factory

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Our in-house production facility in Siem Reap produces microfiber accessories such as eyewear cloths and bags, jewelry, electronics and promotional packaging – and we are constantly seeking innovative ways to expand.

New Recruits

We are pleased to announce that we recently recruited 23 new employees from a pool of over 220 applicants to join our Siem Reap team!

We couldn’t be happier with our current Pactics team, so when we began looking for additional creative and responsible team members. We didn’t need to look far. We asked our employees to spread the news through word of mouth, and we also reached out to the local NGO networks in Siem Reap. This alone yielded an abundance of highly qualified applicants.

Where Are These New Siem Reap Recruits From?

We love that our recruits are resident to Siem Reap. They come from neighborhoods near the factory, and some from further afield in the Siem Reap province. Many of these new team members are friends, family or neighbors of current employees. This serves to makes the Siem Reap Pactics team feel even more like a family unit. Much like our client relationships, we believe it is important to build great partnerships within the company.

The Recruitment Process

220 applicants were carefully selected for candidacy of the 300+ individuals applying.

The people who made it through the first round of selections simply came into the factory – and came in on time. To ensure that we work with responsive and responsible individuals, we always ask that people come to the factory in person to apply. We divide them into groups and spend about an hour to test their aptitude and their attitude.  We then ask a variety of relevant questions and put each applicant through a simulation of a single step in the microfiber production process.

With so many eager and qualified applicants, the recruiting process is never easy in Siem Reap, but as always, it has been a pleasure to meet more lovely people in Cambodia, and we are very excited to welcome the 23 new recruits to the Siem Reap Pactics team!

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