Screen - Printing Operator

Screen – Printing Operator

Screen – Printing Operator

As a Screen – Printing Operator, you’ll create logos on various materials, ensuring quality and following instructions. You will also be responsible for maintaining equipment and adhere to 5S principles. Additionally, you will work flexibly with a team to meet the customer order requirements. 


  • Do the checklist on machines or materials preparation before starting the screen-printing process.
  • Review the work orders to determine job specifications, such as ink color and quantity required.
  • Responsible for screen printing with 2 processes: manual screen process and machine-based screen printing.
  • Ensure job verification by checking the job orders for the correct ID and product quantity, and testing color before starting the screen printing process.
  • Calibrate the machines before running them.
  • Work with ink and chemicals every day.
  • Basic maintenance of the printing equipment based on the daily, weekly, and monthly schedules process.
  • Work in a team in temperatures that occasionally reach up to 30 degrees Celsius.
  • Set up and adjust manual screen-printing equipment or screen-printing machine, such as filling ink or paint reservoirs and loading stock.
  • Follow health and safety procedures and use the right Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) based on job duties.


  • Good attitude
  • Previous screen-printing experience is preferred.
  • Being able to read and write in Khmer is essential, and a basic understanding of English is a plus.
  • Minimum graduate from high school is preferred.
  • Willing to learn different things – be flexible.
  • Don’t hesitate to ask questions, if don’t understand any aspects of job duties or instructions.
  • Teamwork, works with others to ensure efficiency in the workplace.

Physical Demands and Abilities:

1. Ability to follow instructions

  • Line Supervisor assigns tasks and responsibilities, which vary depending on the products being manufactured; the printing Operator should be able to follow instructions competently.

2. Methodical approach

  • Needs a methodical approach to ensure all tasks are completed in the correct order for a smooth-running production line.

3. Concentration

  • Performs the same tasks repeatedly, so a good level of concentration when carrying out these tasks is important for quality control purposes. This role is often fast-paced, so being able to maintain focus is always beneficial.

4. Physical

  • Required to stand for long periods, sometimes entire shifts, and lift packages or materials. Physical stamina and a good level of fitness are important.




We deeply value our team members and offer competitive salaries based on your experience level. Additionally, we provide appealing benefits, including comprehensive health insurance, opportunities for professional growth, subsidized meals, and dedicated training support.

At Pactics, we prioritize skills and abilities in our candidate evaluation process, fostering an inclusive and welcoming environment that appreciates the unique contributions of each individual.

If you possess the required skills and are passionate about this role, we encourage you to submit your application and join our team as a Printing Operator.

Join us on this exciting journey and make a significant impact in our team.

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