University of Southern California students visit Pactics Shanghai

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Pactics recently hosted the Global Leadership class from University of Southern California’s Marshall School of Business during the groups’ visit to China. The students that joined Pactics in Shanghai are USC Marshall first-year undergrad business students. This group of freshmen are a part of a special leadership program for high-potential incoming freshmen so this was a very special trip for them. The 2-semester program covers leadership topics and the challenges of creating a business career. In the second semester, the course concludes with a visit to Shanghai and Beijing for a week during their Spring break.  In Shanghai the group visited Pactics, had a meeting with General Manager Erwald Boer, which was followed by a tour through the factory. The group of students’ “thank you” message included: “Visiting with you and having the tour of your facility was one of the highlights of our trip. Our students now have a true appreciation for the behind the scenes work that goes into a successful business”. We, at Pactics are very proud to have shown these budding minds the responsible way that Pactics operates and we wish them success in the future!

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