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We are a manufacturer that helps you keep your promises. And we do that while making your life easy with a one-stop-shop that takes full responsibility for producing a wide range of high-quality solutions.

When your most important asset is your brand, it has to be protected at every step of the production process, from design to supply chain management. That’s exactly what we do. When it comes to quality, sustainability and efficiency we make no sacrifices, and cut no corners.

Moreover, as our partner, you will enjoy a positive brand message because of our sustainable fully compliant factory that will enrich your brand and appeal to your customers. Have a look at our solutions below.

creative solutions

We offer a variety of creative solutions that elevate your company’s position in the market. Our Digital Dye Sublimation Technology will let you develop wow-worthy personalized designs, and we can do that with small production orders and a fast delivery to market. Additional solutions are:

– Embossing and debossing
– Silk screen printing
– Film Printing

We can provide a variety of decorative techniques, including – but not limited to – stitched labels, contrast stitching and stitching variations, and a selection of cords, beads, and closures.

supply chain solutions

We offer ‘vendor-managed inventory’, shipping products to a storage space close to your facilities. You can then call on the products as they are required, eliminating the need for unnecessarily financed stock and large warehouses. We work according to your production forecasts, ensuring there is enough stock available at all times.

product development

We offer hands-on support during the design process, making creative and fabric suggestions that will ensure a high-quality final product. We conduct extensive tests throughout manufacturing, and keep our partners informed with regular updates. In all this, we have a core focus on upcycled and re-usable materials, providing our clients with "future-proof" products that enhances their branding.


Our efficient manufacturing processes mean we are able to provide small quantities of products while retaining design, quality, and price integrity. This ability makes us a leading supplier for smaller, niche fashion & lifestyle brands.

ethical focus

A serious commitment to working in a way that is socially and environmentally responsible is what sets Pactics apart. It provides our clients with "future-proof" products, enriches their brand messages, and protects their brand.

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