supply chain management

Protecting our partners’ brands takes scrupulous supply chain management. That’s why we prioritize best practices that allow us to guarantee their products are produced in a way we can all be proud of.

In-house production

We created an in-house one-stop-shop production facility where we exercise full control over every step of the process. This allows us to offer our customers full support, from design to supply-chain solutions, and to produce everything according to our own very high standards.

Supplier auditing

We are proud of the way we do things, but we can’t stand by our ethical production claims without ensuring that our own standards are met throughout the entire supply chain. Therefore, we carefully select like-minded suppliers, regularly audit them to ensure they meet our zero-tolerance policies, and actively and continuously invest in positive improvements along the chain.

Social and environmental responsibility

Ethical operations are our top priority and why we rigorously implement a wide range of comprehensive policies designed to benefit both our people and our planet. That’s why our partners can feel confident that their products are socially responsible and environmentally sustainable.