Company Presidents sign agreement to fight corruption.

Joining Forces with Cambodia’s Anti-Corruption Unit

Joining Forces with Cambodia’s Anti-Corruption Unit

On December 9, International Anti-Corruption Day, Pactics President Piet Holten traveled to Phnom Penh to sign a memorandum of understanding with the Cambodian Anti-Corruption Unit (ACU), committing to work together to expose and eliminate corruption in Cambodia. In a movement originally spearheaded by Coca Cola last December, Pactics and four other companies have now joined this progressive journey towards a transparent and clean business environment. This puts the total number of involved companies at seven, Prudential having already joined in the past year. This initiative will allow and encourage companies who encounter corrupt officials to report them to the Anti-Corruption Unit, who make arrests on a weekly basis. It also means they will make active efforts to prevent bribery and prove that they work ethically by holding workshops and teaching staff not to partake in such corrupt activities. Quoted in the Cambodia Daily, Piet Holten was hopeful and resolute about the future of Cambodia: “We have to start somewhere. This country cannot develop and we cannot do right to the people in this country when all kinds of money ends up in pockets where [it doesn’t] really belong.”

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