An introduction to Pactics FACEWEAR

An introduction to Pactics FACEWEAR

AN INTRODUCTION TO PACTICS FACEWEAR: Protecting People; Lifting your Brand

At Pactics, we have built a powerful reputation as reliable, responsive, and responsible partners for conscientious brands in the Fashion Accessory and Travel & Luggage industries. But when the coronavirus pandemic struck in early 2020, we knew we had to adapt, evolve and create in order to survive and continue serving our partners. That is how Pactics FACEWEAR was born. 

As the virus started to rip its way around the world, we started looking at ways to meet the emerging need for companies to actively protect their customers and employees in a way that would also allow them to protect and enhance their brands, because these two things are at the core of what we do. 

Basing our research on up-to-date recommendations from national and international health organizations and tried and tested technology, we set about developing two kinds of masks. One is meant for general everyday use by people who will largely be outside and able to observe social distancing (for example shoppers), while the other is for employees who may need to spend much of their day in an environment where social distancing is limited or impracticable. 

We were also concerned about the explosion in global sales of disposable face masks, which is estimated to have totaled $170 billion last year (up from $800 million in 2019). These masks are made from non-woven plastics that will end up in landfill, or slowly disintegrating in our oceans. 

Masks That People are Happy to Wear

As a result, we created FACEWEAR that is safe, comfortable and reusable, while also maintaining our, and our clients’, integrity when it comes to sourcing and production. Moreover, thanks to our dynamic design team and Digital Dye Sublimation technology, we produce masks that look good too. 

The Pactics FACEWEAR Casual Model offers two layers of protection with soft cotton on the inside and dye-sublimated polyester on the outside. And because no two faces are the same, we improved comfort and protection by adding adjustable straps that can be worn as ear-loops or fitted around the back of the head.

Where additional protection is needed, the Pactics FACEWEAR Business Model mask has three layers, including the inner cotton layer and an outer fully customizable polyester layer as well as a middle layer with a filter made of non-woven melt-blown material with a FE > 89% (Filtration Efficiency at 3 microns) after more than sixty 30-minute washes at 60°C/150°F.

Because all Pactics FACEWEAR masks have been expressly created to facilitate the Dye Sublimation process, they can also be custom printed with any design of your choosing, they are perfect for putting your mark on the protection that you offer to your employees and to your customers. Pactics FACEWEAR creates a new way to communicate that you care and you take care. 

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