Why we do things differently at Pactics

Why we do things differently at Pactics

In 2004, Pactics was founded with a simple vision: to create a decent company that offers high quality, competitively priced products in an environmentally and socially responsible way.

We already knew that the way most fashion and lifestyle manufacturers operate didn’t make much sense to us. Products were, and are, made by people working in harsh and frequently unsafe conditions, far from their homes and families, in exchange for a minimum wage and few prospects for securing a better life.

Today, we see that the industry is taking personalisation and sustainability more seriously as consumer brands increasingly understand that embracing these principles is crucial to their own commercial survival. Pressure from consumers who want products that respect human dignity and environmental integrity is growing to the point that even brands who are not overtly concerned with these issues cannot afford the reputational damage that comes from working with manufacturers that do not respect these concerns.

This is why Pactics has created an in-house one-stop-shop production facility where we exercise full control over every step of the process. This allows us to offer our customers full support, from design to supply-chain solutions, as well as personalised printing solutions that bring life to our customers’ products.

Pactics employees have the right to a safe and healthy work environment, close to home, and to earn a decent salary with the opportunities to build a better life. In addition, our sustainable production processes are designed to respect the environment and have a core focus on upcycled and reusable materials.

This is how, as a socially and environmentally conscious business, we are able to nurture our clients’ most important asset – their brand.

But we don’t just do that. We also proactively engage with our customers to help make sure that they stay at the forefront of their industry, providing the “future-proof” products and solutions that their customers are looking for.

Over the coming months, we will keep you updated about the issues that surround the development of a “future-proof” fashion & lifestyle brand and the increasingly important roles of sustainability, personalisation, product development, production, and supply chain management in this approach.

If you would like to discuss the future of sustainable production with us, or to know more about our production solutions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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