The Importance of Quality Control

The Importance of Quality Control

Our ‘Process Approach’

We know that the only way to ensure the quality of our end product is by committing to high standards throughout the entire manufacturing process. We also understand that quality control is not something we can check-in on occasionally, but something our entire team must consistently work towards every single day.

To guarantee the high quality of our microfiber products we employ what we term a ‘process approach’, as guided by our Pactics Quality Policy. In accordance with this approach we are constantly measuring, monitoring, and analysing our production processes to understand areas of potential improvement, maintain existing quality management systems, and implement new systems where appropriate.

Independent Accreditation

CASWe are proud to say that our Pactics factory in Shanghai has successfully achieved the ISO 9001 certification, and our new Siem Reap plant is currently working towards it. This certificate is awarded by the International Organisation for Standardisation to organisations that have demonstrated efficient and effective quality management system, and achieving this certification is an indicator that an organisation has embraced a commitment to quality in all elements of its work.

The Supply Chain

To guarantee the quality of our end products, it is crucial that we can first guarantee the quality of the materials that we work with. To do this we very carefully select our external suppliers according to our own list of requirements, and then conduct daily ‘incoming inspections’ to monitor and record the quality of the raw materials they supply.

Every week we then create a quality report for our suppliers, which reviews any significant quality issues and makes recommendations for necessary improvements. In addition we conduct a weekly on-site audit of all our suppliers to check their manufacturing and quality management techniques, and provide quality training where appropriate. Lastly, we have created a thorough supplier rating system against which each of our external suppliers are rated each season. This allows us to review poor performance, make suggestions for improvements, and find new suppliers if necessary.

The Production Process

As well as carefully monitoring the quality of our raw materials, we make sure quality checks are built into every stage of the production process. During product development, samples of new products and designs are sent to the quality control team before being sent out to our partners for review. When a new product or design is approved for production, we then conduct a ‘first article inspection’ for all relevant manufacturing processes (eg. printing, sublimating, embossing, etc.), which helps us to assess any potential quality risks prior to mass production.

Further quality checks – known as ‘in process quality controls’ – are then carried out during each stage of the production process. Products for each individual team member are selected at random and assessed against our high quality standards, before the batch is allowed to move on to be examined according to the acceptable quality limits provided by our partners. A final out-going quality control check is then conducted before the products are shipped to our partners.

A Dedicated Team (Preventative Measures)

To conduct all of our quality control checks and ensure the implementation of our quality management systems, we have a dedicated in-house quality control team. This team includes a number of quality assurance officers responsible for daily inspections, and two quality engineers who devise our detailed quality standards, monitor our inspection procedures, and analyse quality inspection records.

We are also increasingly implementing a unique preventative approach to quality control, which allows us to pre-empt potential quality issues in the production process and catch any imperfections before mass production. Similarly we are continually increasing the frequency of quality checks, which further ensures any potential issues are picked-up as early as possible, therefore delaying potentially lengthy delays in the delivery of our partners’ products.

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