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Product Development at Pactics

Product Development at Pactics

The Product Development Process
Creating a new product can be a lengthy and complex journey, beginning with rough sketches and ending with a complete, high-quality, physical product. There are often many changes along the way, all of which are necessary to ensure the final product is functional, aesthetically pleasing, and meets our partners’ needs.

To manage the evolution of our products, we have a dedicated in-house product development team made up of graphic designers, packaging designers, and microfiber experts. They work on a variety of different projects, both expanding the potential of our existing products and developing entirely new ones.

Working with Our Partners
Digital Transfer Sublimation ProcessIn the case of our existing products, Pactics takes full responsibility for designing and developing our partners’ products. Our partners rely on us to understand their needs, produce design ideas, and make recommendations for materials and finishes, utilising our technical and microfiber know-how.

The product development team start by brainstorming initial ideas, which are then translated into initial sketches by our graphic designers. This requires a detailed understanding of the assembly process, as well as manufacturing times and costs. Our partners are kept in-the-loop throughout this process, which allows us to ensure they are happy with the direction of their product at every step.

Prototypes & Reviews
In collaboration with our partners, the product development team select materials and produce a prototype sample which is reviewed internally. This allows the team to check the materials, assembly methods, and creative finishes they have selected, before sending the prototype off to be checked by the quality control team.

When a prototype sample is approved for quality, it is then sent on to our partners for review. At this stage our partners provide feedback, letting us know whether there is anything they would like to change or even slightly tweak. There may be numerous additional rounds of samples and reviews before a final product is agreed upon and submitted for production.

Working with Our Partner’s Designs
We are proud to have a number of long-standing partners who we have worked with for many years. These partners are very familiar with our products and understand our manufacturing techniques, so occasionally develop a new design for their products in-house.

In these cases we can work according to our partners’ designs, though of course make recommendations for materials or new assembly and creative techniques if relevant. We would then again produce product samples, which our partners’ can review and even use for PR and marketing purposes.

Developing New Products
As well as evolving our existing products – primarily microfiber cleaning cloths and eyewear cases – we are always brainstorming new products and putting together prototypes of new designs. This helps us to stay ahead of the curve, and ensures that we can offer our partners an increasingly diverse array of products and innovative uses of microfiber fabrics.

Recently, we have been working on developing luggage tags, cosmetic bags, passport holders, packaging for luxury leather handbags, new eyewear cases, and even sportswear. These items are currently in various stages of development, and we are excited to share them with our partners soon.

We also receive requests from our partners to develop completely new products, or ideas for new products they believe we could (or should!) be making. We are always happy when our partners share their inspiration, and are committed to developing new designs that meet their needs.

Commitment to Innovation
A commitment to innovation is one of Pactics’ founding values. We pride ourselves on remaining at the cutting edge of product design, manufacturing techniques, and microfiber technology, as we know it is this that allows us to best meet the needs of our partners, planet, and people.

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