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Maximizing Efficiency and Positive Impact: The Benefits of Shipment Consolidation

Maximizing Efficiency and Positive Impact: The Benefits of Shipment Consolidation

At Pactics, we strive to minimize cost and customer workload while improving our impact in every aspect of our operations. One of the key strategies we employ to achieve this is consolidated shipments (combining different customers’ cargo into a single shipment). In this post, we’ll explore the benefits of shipment consolidation by Pactics and explain how the process works, including our fixed-day shipping schedule to our warehouses in the US and EU.

How it Works – The Process of Shipment Consolidation by Pactics

  • Order Consolidation: We combine orders of multiple customers into a single consolidated shipment, ensuring that each container is optimally filled to maximize space utilization. The customer only pays for the space % it uses up in the shipment and thus also only pays a % of both export, freight, and import costs, instead of full amounts.

  • Fixed-Day Shipping Schedule: We adhere to a fixed-day shipping schedule, shipping consolidated orders to our warehouses in Sedico – Italy, and Los Angeles – United States, on predetermined days of the week. This regular shipping schedule ensures timely delivery of products to our warehouses, minimized stock levels, increased replenishment frequency, and improved order accuracy for our customers.

  • Customs Clearance, Import Duty and Freight Recharge: We import the goods for our customer at no additional charge and only recharge the actual Customs, Freight and Duty costs.

  • Last-mile delivery: Our customer can pick up the goods at our warehouse to arrange for last-mile delivery in the destination country.
  • Continuous Improvement: We continuously monitor and evaluate our shipment consolidation process to identify opportunities for further optimization and efficiency gains, ensuring that we provide the best possible service to our customers while minimizing our environmental impact.

Why do it – The Benefits of Shipment Consolidation

Consolidating shipments allows for more frequent shipping at lower quantities and offers numerous benefits for both our clients and the environment: 

  • Maximized Container Space Utilization: By combining multiple orders into single shipments, we optimize container space utilization, reducing the need and costs for additional containers and minimizing carbon emissions associated with transportation. 
  • Lower Shipping Costs and Environmental Impact: Consolidating shipments not only reduces shipping costs per unit as you only pay for the cargo %, but also minimizes our environmental footprint, aligning with our commitment to improving our impact.
  • Improved Customer Cash-flow and Reduced Warehousing Expenses: Shipment consolidation allows us to ship more frequently to our warehouses, improving customer cash flow and reducing warehousing expenses – as our clients do not need to order bulk volumes.  
  • Enhanced Order Accuracy and Production Efficiency: By spreading quantities over multiple shipments and capturing improved visibility of future sales forecasts, we achieve order accuracy and production efficiency, benefiting both our business and our customers.
  • Shortened Lead Times and Increased Flexibility: more frequent shipments shorten lead times, enable faster response times to market changes and reduces the need for buffer stocks. 

Join Us in Maximizing Efficiency and Impact

By embracing shipment consolidation by Pactics, we not only reduce costs and improve operational workload efficiency for our clients but also contribute to a healthier planet. 
Contact us today to explore the possibilities of regular consolidated shipments for your brand.

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