The Pactics Production Facility: an expression of environmental and cultural harmony

Pactics factory bird view

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Establishing our production facility in Siem Reap, Cambodia offered us the opportunity to ensure that our facility meets our own high standards and is located close to the homes of our employees. Designing the facility the way we did and having it built from scratch to our specifications is not just beneficial to our employees, it also gives us the ability to go the extra mile for our clients.

Read on and find out what makes our production facility in Cambodia so special.

Social and environmental impact
At Pactics, we’re always taking active steps towards improving our employees’ well-being and limiting our impact on the environment, and we have built our production facility accordingly. We designed our facility with British architect Stuart Cochlin, taking into account the local hot and humid conditions and the culture of our employees.

We recruit from the small communities surrounding the city center of Siem Reap. By building close to the center, we can attract staff from all around town within a distance of not more than 10 to 15 km. The people from these communities are outdoor people; they don’t spend much time in their houses. By providing a lot of daylight inside and plenty of greenery around the factory, we’re able to match the environment our employees are used to.

The buildings are all relatively small, surrounding a courtyard with lots of trees, which helps cool the buildings. All the roofs are insulated and tilt to the south, while the north side is all glass and provides enough daylight for most operations. We collect rainwater to flush the toilets, and we operate our own well and water filtration system to provide clean water. We also have a kitchen where we prepare 500 healthy lunches every day with ingredients fresh from the local markets. Each lunch has 4 dishes with healthy proteins and vegetables.

The 120 solar panels help provide electricity, and the generator we use during power outages runs on biodiesel produced locally from cooking oil collected from the hotels and restaurants in town. Our day-care center makes sure mothers can return to work and feed their babies after maternity leave, and our full-time nurse watches over everybody’s health and makes sure the hygiene rules are respected.

Solar panels on top of our screen printing area
The roof of our main production hall

We strongly believe that employees have a fundamental right to a safe and healthy work environment with sufficient ventilation and safe equipment. Here, the most dangerous part of the day is the daily commute through the traffic on Cambodian roads. To help address this, we provide everybody with certified helmets and only allow two people on a motorbike.

We provide literary and math classes to help those that lacked a basic education, and English and computer classes to help further our employees’ knowledge. We also have financial classes, HIV education, and training for expecting mothers. Our internal sewing school provides the necessary skills to make sure we can compete on the world market.

Pactics full-time nurse

Pactics library

A one-stop-shop
All these sadly unusual benefits are not just favorable to our employees, but ultimately benefit our customers as well. We believe that happy people make quality products, so our business and customers benefit from a healthy, happy, and well-educated workforce.

In addition, our one-stop-shop production facility allows us to exercise full control over the entire supply chain. This means we can offer our customers full support, from product design to supply chain solutions, and we can guarantee that our shared values are reflected every step of the way. We can go the extra mile for our clients, supporting them at every stage of the manufacturing process.

We hope that designing factories the way we did will become the norm rather than the exception. Are you interested in learning more about our production facility, or would you like to know how we can help you with manufacturing solutions for your brand? Contact us today for a chat.

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